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Hannover Airport, Germany

As a continuation from the 2020 project, USM installed a further TSP and various gate counters to complete the refurbishment of Terminal B.

Lexington Airport, USA

MIS Choice installed a test unit at Blue Grass Lexington Airport.

Chicago Midway International Airport, USA

TSA desks with Chicago Midway Airport CI foils were delivered in February 2024.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport, USA

Gate counters featuring the integration of biometric scanners, boarding pass scanners, height adjustable monitors, keyboards and fittings for customer locks were installed in January as the start of an ongoing boarding gate project.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, USA

MIS Choice installed a test unit at Charlotte Airport.

Waco Regional Airport, USA

Waco Airport ordered various ADA compliant ticketing and gate counters.

Austrian Airlines, Austria

USM Austria installed a test lounge control desk shortly before Christmas in 2023. Further desks for other areas at the Vienna Airport are in discussion.

Norman Wells, Canada

2023 saw the installation of new gate counters at Norman Wells Airport located in the Northwest territory of Canada.

Craiova International Airport, Romania

In cooperation with Tradeco, Romania, USM Airportsystems installed 5 boarding pass control counters equipped with height adjustable keyboards.

Nunavut Territory, Canada

5 airports in the Inuit territory of Canada refurbished their ticketing desks with USM counters. All counters had different configurations to fit their varying requirements including integrated height adjustable monitor arms, height adjustable keyboards, integrated baggage weight displays and rubber protection matting.