From check-in to boarding, USM Airportsystems offers a combination of timeless design, integrated technology and endless flexibility.

Check-in counter

Mobile, one work station check-in counter

Extended module can be combined with stationary units in situations of increased passenger numbers. Includes keyboard and printer extension shelves and one extension drawer for the CPU. Often used in combination with self-check-in stations.

Boarding pass control counter

Mobile, one work station boarding pass control counter

One work station with one or two access control gates. Includes one keyboard extension shelf, one printer extension shelf and CPU storage.

Security screening

Search table

Basic model often used as staff re-check table including one drop-down door.

Immigration counter

‘S’ immigration booth

Two work station complete with locking glass doors. Post for cameras optional.

Gate counter

Mobile immigration control trolley

One work station trolley with overhead banner for magnetic airline signage.

Information desk / Lost and Found

Multiple work station desk with any number of drawers and doors. Optional back office area with shelving and storage.

Lighting and signage

LED warm white or cold bulbs encased in safety glass combined with self adhesive film.