As a continuation from the 2020 project, USM installed a further TSP and various gate counters to complete the refurbishment of Terminal B.

TSA desks with Chicago Midway Airport CI foils were delivered in February 2024.

Gate counters featuring the integration of biometric scanners, boarding pass scanners, height adjustable monitors, keyboards and fittings for customer locks were installed in January as the start of an ongoing boarding gate project.

MIS Choice installed a test unit at Blue Grass Lexington Airport.

5 airports in the Inuit territory of Canada refurbished their ticketing desks with USM counters. All counters had different configurations to fit their varying requirements including integrated height adjustable monitor arms, height adjustable keyboards, integrated baggage weight displays and rubber protection matting.

After meeting at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, Portsmouth Port who were in the process of constructing a new cruise ship terminal, were looking for mobile units for the check-in hall. After first testing a few units an order was placed for twelve desks with a combination of mobile ADA units.

As a continuation from the ongoing Hamad International Airport project in Qatar, USM and Smiths Detection designed a new configuration for the Ionscan 600 Explosive Trace Detection unit.

In 2023 we completed a project with the airport to install various information desks. A total of seven ADA information desks were installed complete with Haller E iPad charging stations, luminous “info” towers and swing doors. One large info desk measuring 5200mm x 2600mm and four mobile information podiums completed the project. All desks were finished with Chicago O´Hare corporate design foils.

In cooperation with Tradeco, Romania, USM Airportsystems installed 5 boarding pass control counters equipped with height adjustable keyboards.

2023 saw the installation of new gate counters at Norman Wells Airport located in the Northwest territory of Canada.

USM Austria installed a test lounge control desk shortly before Christmas in 2023. Further desks for other areas at the Vienna Airport are in discussion.

Waco Airport ordered various ADA compliant ticketing and gate counters.

MIS Choice installed a test unit at Charlotte Airport.

2022 Luxembourg International Airport placed an order at the 2022 Passenger Terminal Expo for mobile check-in desks.

2022 Tucson Arizona refurbished their passport control desks and added a number of re-vest tables.

Amadeus and MIS Choice installed 18 mobile check-in desks at Nashville International Airport.

In 2022 Great Harbour Cay ordered mobile check-in desks, various configurations of gate counters and re-vest tables through their partners Sectus Technologies

2022 Tromsø Airport in Norway partnered with Oslo for an order of mobile check-in desks.

Amadeus and MIS Choice installed a test unit at Missoula Montana Airport.

In 2021 and 2022 Miami International Airport installed 37 gate counters comprising of double, single and small podiums in Terminal F. Further terminals are planned for the coming years.

In 2021 Abu Dhabi International Airport installed 58 stationary work stations.

2021 Oslo Airport continued their installation of mobile check-in counters with the integration of passenger and agent monitors and height adjustable keyboards.

2021 saw two gate counter installations at Erie Airport and Thunder Bay Airport

In 2020 USM Airportsystems installed 27 gate counters and a terminal service point for the Hannover Airport Terminal C. Two further terminals are to be renovated with the same furniture by 2022.  

USM Airportsystems delivered 10 check-in desks in the Spring of 2020 with special cut-outs for baggage belt displays and extension drawers for printers.

To equip the existing USM car rental counters with monitors, USM Airportsystems designed a bespoke solution using the USM ball and tubes.

2019 saw the installation of 3 single and double gate counters.

In the spring of 2019 Kingston Airport received 7 check-in desks completed with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sections.

In 2019 Arlanda Airport ordered mobile gate counters to complement existing gate counters during peaks in passenger flows.

During 2019 USM delivered 4 consignments to Narita Airport with various airport back office furniture.

In 2018 Chicago O`Hare Airport celebrated the inaugural flight and the subsequent regular service flights of the British Airways Airbus 380 from Chicago to London. The airport requested a fast lead time solution for a complete terminal with specially reinforced counters to manage the wear and tear of the heavy passenger flows that go hand in hand the with A380. USM Airportsystems completed the project in time with integrated monitor arms, height adjustable keyboards and specially reinforced panels.

Jeddah Airport requested a check-in area to be refurbished but not necessarily replaced. USM Airportsystems was asked to provide a cost effective replacement solution with a short lead time as an alternative to refurbishment. The decision was made to replace the existing counters with USM. The check-in desks have integrated weight displays, printer extension shelves, sunken monitor shelves and lockable CPU compartments.

In 2017 USM Airportsystems made the journey up to Northern Canada for an installation at Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport in Yukon. The airport was looking for a more contemporary and durable solution as opposed to traditional millwork. The configuration is a single gate counter in mid-gray and beige panels, to complement the maple wood seating. The desks include 2 extension shelves for the keyboard and printers, two lockable drawers, a customer bag shelf and various cable cut-outs to discreetly manage IT cables.

In 2017 Toronto Pearson International Airport ordered a number of security re-check tables with stainless steel surfaces for extra durability to withstand the daily wear and tear from checking hand-luggage.

The project with EuroAirport Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg started in 2015 when we delivered a rental mock-up gate counter for the EasyJet terminal for the airport and users to test the gate. After a few tweaks and a change in colour scheme, the terminal was equipped with 5 double work station gate counters supporting built-in scanners, monitor posts, extension shelves for printers and various other bespoke solutions.

The delivery of 13 mobile gate counters to Oslo Gardermoen Airport is part of the Avinor project which started in 2013

In 2016 USM Airportsystems installed a number of gate counters at Charleroi Airport in Brussels, Belgium. The desks included storage spaces for the CPUs and extension drawers for printers and keyboards. Here we can see how two desks are placed next to each other to give the appearance of one.

In 2016 USM Airportsystems completed a project at the Los Angeles International Airport to install a modern podium counter in their newly-opened T4 Bus Port. The requirement was for a counter system that was flexible, modular, durable, quick and easy to install, and complemented the space’s aesthetic.

In 2015 and 2016 USM Airportsystems received various orders to deliver security and gate counters for the Cote d`Azur Airport, France.

2015 also saw the completion of a joint design project with the Zürich Airport to create a passport control desk for airlines predominantly operating flights to Non-Schengen countries. The counter aids the last passport check with the passenger list before boarding the aircraft.

In 2015 an order was received for baggage drop-off counters.

Since 2013, USM Airportsystems has developed in cooperation with MIS Choice, a mobile self-sufficient check-in counter complete with UPS and cable winder, CPU, keyboard and monitor support. The concept is to offer hotel and curb-side check-in possibilities for passengers. This project is ongoing.

Sandefjord, Torp Airport, an independent Airport, also decided on USM Airportsystems gate counters.

In 2013 USM Airportsystems in close cooperation with the airport operator Avinor, developed a number of alternative solutions for check-in and gate counters for 46 Norwegian airports. Through identifying passenger handling processes with architects, interior planners and IT specialists, a product handbook was compiled with various counter types and technical integration possibilities to facilitate orders. This project is ongoing.

The project started in 2012 and involved the customized development of 5 security screening units. The limited space available asked for a compact solution with technical specifications to incorporate explosive trace detection units, monitor and keyboard supports. All units have a stainless steel surface. This project is ongoing.

In 2012 USM Airportsystems equipped the Berlin Brandenburg Airport with stationary check-in counters for an interim departure terminal.

The Leipzig-Halle Airport can without doubt be regarded as the "pilot project" for USM Airportsystems. Since 2006 the airport has step by step introduced USM units starting with the administrative offices, VIP lounges and info desk and continuing with a boarding pass control counter, gate counters and various lighting and signage. The project is ongoing.

USM Airportsystems is exhibiting in its headquarters in Münsingen, Switzerland a permanent exhibition of a stationary gate counter and mobile check-in desk equipped with all scanners and printers. Please send us a visitors request if you would like to see the exhibit.